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Business Consultation

Business Consultation

High-Performance Solutions

Enterprise companies want customised, holistic digital solutions that include attribution models, in-depth measurement and reporting, and a strong ROI focus. Our digital strategy team specialises in delivering high-performance solutions. For leverage and completely measurable and profitable multi-channel results, an integrated, comprehensive approach is essential.

Research and Planning

The first steps in developing a digital strategy for large businesses and corporations include a full marketing strategy review to identify new growth opportunities, a digital footprint analysis, including SEO, and an in-depth consultation with relevant team members who will review and provide weekly reporting across all channels.

Build Lifetime Value

An integrated marketing approach is crucial when it comes to branding and growth. SEO, Google Search & Display Advertising, Google Shopping (if applicable), YouTube Advertising, and Social Media Advertising will all be used to drive and grow website traffic. Email marketing, social media & community management tactics, content marketing,

Analyze and improve

One of the most crucial components of any corporate system for ongoing analysis and reporting is ensuring that the necessary tools for precise measurement and optimization, including real-time tools, are in place. This includes ensuring that Google Analytics is properly configured, developing customized real-time data dashboards.

Helping ambition brands growing

We specialize in Business Consultation

MAK is a leading online marketing agency that offers a wide range of online marketing services to assist the company in growing. We not only assist you in overcoming crucial obstacles, but also in resolving problems that will help you improve your online presence.